Uvarovite (Green Garnet) and Onyx Ring


This one of a kind piece in our collection features the extremely rare stone: Uvarovite-Green Garnet. The properties of stones in the Garnet family all relate to their strong energy to aid manifestation.. and it is a powerful stone to stimulate the growth of abundance.

Like most abundance stones, it resonates at the solar plexus chakra... and the action of Uvarovite there is beneficial to stimulate self confidence... as well as encouraging you to embrace all that life has to offer.

In common with other green stones, it resonates within the heart chakra, and this may assist you to heal emotional problems. By helping you to release any feelings that you do not deserve to have more, you may then be enabled to attract wealth and abundance into your life on all levels. This stone is well known for its strong energy to bring you what you truly need.

Fits sizes 6-8.5z

The material is 14k gold filled.  This ring can be submerged in water and without tarnishing the gold. Avoid direct contact with lotion and oils for the longevity of the metal, but and be worn after lotion or oil is applied.

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