14K Gold Mini-Arrows


The Warrior Arrowhead pendant is unique arrowhead pendant created to bring out the warrior goddess spirit to the wear.
Brass (gender: masculine, element: Fire/minor association with Water) Brass is a metal of wealth through methods based more on chance than on hard labor. Because of it's connection to copper, it is a somewhat chaotic metal displaying traits of spontaneity and youth. Through this youthfulness, it also is a metal of healing and rejuvenation. Brass is a metal of the sun, and is often used in ritual when the call for gold is unable to be fulfilled.
According to a Greek-Hebrew Dictionary: Unpolished brass was the only metal allowed to make contact with the ground in the design of the Tabernacle in the wilderness, because unpolished brass represents the earthly nature of man.
Material: The pendant is 14K, Brass, or Silver post are 14k gold.


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