The "V" Peace Ring


This unique ring in the shape of the "V" intended to promote love and peace.

Material is Gold-Filled.

Information on Gold Filled Material, also known as "rolled gold" or "rolled gold plate" is composed of a solid layer of gold bonded with heat and pressure to a base metal such as brass. Some high quality gold-filled pieces have the same appearance as 14 karat (58%) gold. Some products are made using sterling silver as the base. Gold-filled items, even with daily wear, can last five to 30 years but will eventually wear through. Comparingly, the gold layer on gold-plated jewelry varies greatly depending on manufacturer, so there is no single, simple comparison. However, Gold-filled items are 50 to 100,000 times thicker than regular gold plating, and 17 to 25,000 times thicker than heavy gold electroplating.

Care: This ring can be submerged in water and without tarnishing the gold. Avoid direct contact with lotion and oils for the longevity of the metal, but and be worn after lotion or oil is applied.

Symbolism of Gold

Gold, both the color and object, symbolizes justice. Gold symbolizes power, strength, and perfection.

The ancients used gold to symbolize balance in all things, as in the "golden mean."

The Sun: A chief mission of alchemists was to make gold out of other, less valued substances. Alchemy’s symbol for gold is a circle with a dot in the center, which was the alchemists’ astrological symbol for the sun and the Chinese symbol for the sun.

In Ancient Egypt, Central America, and South America, gold was often directly associated with the sun, as they were similar in both color and importance. Temples, shrines, and graves in these cultures were always made of and filled with gold and gold was offered up to the sun gods above all others.

Treasure: From pirates at sea to leprechauns in Ireland, someone has always been searching for that elusive hidden treasure of gold.

Balance: The weight of gold has been considered an accurate and universal measurement that has transgressed time and cultures. A bar of gold on a scale is still commonly used today in the United States to depict fairness, balance, and justice.

Achievement: Gold medals, trophies, and other rewards are both ancient and modern symbols of and awards for achievement.

Perfection: The golden mean, golden ratio, and golden rule all refer to valued elements existing in perfection.

Age: Gold is associated with the positive aspects of age, such as in the golden fiftieth wedding anniversary, the golden years, and the golden age of a civilization.


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