Frequently Asked Questions

•  What is my size? Women

•  What is my size? Men

•  Where do the materials come from?

•  How long will it take my jewelry to ship?

  Is the jewelry adjustable?

•  Can I wear Karlita Designs Jewelry if I am allergic to base metals?

•  How should I store the jewelry at home?

•  How do I fix a broken chain?




What is my ring size?

*Note you should know your ring size before you order. Ring sizes are standard.

Feel free to contact us at karlindaluv@me.com with any specific requests.


Where do the materials come from?

Karlita Designs believes in supporting our local industry, most chain comes from the US, our signature braided chain is imported both are plated using the expertise of the domestic costume jewelry industry. Gemstones come from all over the world but the distributors are based out of Los Angeles. All jewelry is made by hand in a Los Angeles design studio.


How long will my jewelry take to ship?

All of our jewelry is custom made-to-order we therefore request your patience the chains generally we ship within 7 days however shipments may take up two to six weeks to be produced and shipped. You will receive an email confirmation once we have shipped your order, however items generally take four to five days to ship if we have the materials in-stock. You may email us at karlindaluv@me.com to request a time-quote prior to or after your purchase.


Is the jewelry adjustable?

We sell the jewelry in sizes to accommodate for all body-types and therefore most of the body-chains are not adjustable.


Can I wear Karlita Designs Jewelry if I am allergic to base metals?

Yes! All chains, earrings, and rings are made out of sterling sliver and gold fill. Gold fill is also known as "rolled gold" or "rolled gold plate" is composed of a solid layer of gold bonded with heat and pressure to a base metal such as brass. Some high quality gold-filled pieces have the same appearance as 14 karat gold. Gold-filled items, even with daily wear, can last five to 30 years but will eventually wear through. You can wear gold fill in water while showering, or washing a dish. However avoid using oils and applying lotion over your jewelry.



How do I fix a broken chain?

We understand that things happen, please remember that this is jewelry and must be treated delicately. If your chain has broken we will gladly repair it for free, please send it to Karlita Designs Attn: REPAIR1868 Talmadge st. Los Angeles, CA 90027, note that unmarked packages will not be accepted. Please include the return shipping information, international shipments require return shipping label to be included or a FEDEX or UPS number to be provided. Karlita Designs is not responsible for packages lost in the mail, please remember to track your package when shipping it to us.

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