Labradorite Eye Necklace


Labradorite A stone of transformation. It is a useful companion through change, imparting strength, and perseverance.  Use Labradorite to stimulate the imagination.
Labradorite is a stone of transformation and change. 

The chain is 14K Gold-filled. The standard chain length for this necklace is 17”.  This necklace can be submerged in water but might need a polish after. It is best to keep jewelry dry and away from water, take pieces off when bathing or swimming. Avoid direct contact with lotion and oils for the longevity of the metal, but and be worn after lotion or oil is applied.

All of our pieces are wearable art.  They should be treated with extra special care and love! The wearer assumes all responsibility outside natural wear and tear. If you drop them on a hard surface they may break. Crystals are fragile. Hold necklaces close to your body when bending down or reaching over a table/hard surface. 

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